Elizabeth Greene

Poet, editor


Moving - Elizabeth Greene

Moving is a life journey about the search for home: imaginative, spiritual, emotional and actual. Underlying the poems are two lost homes—the poet's childhood home, which she moved from when she was seven, and her mother's—a home stattered by her mother's (the poet's grandmother's) death and her little brother's death at seven.

 Praise for Moving:

". . .the book's most compelling journey is the one where Greene 'translates myself to myself', a passage through personal history, inherited loneliness and a faith in the unknown so strong that the poems enter even the most ghostly moments with startling physicality and a commitment to the truth."

--Barry Dempater

"Elizabeth Greene's poem embark on a true voyage in her latest collection, Moving.
She visits the altars of the past and warms their old stones with an inheritance of questions. And like a true voyage, these poems make the return trip home, crossing over thresholds, on the far side of fear, with both the rush of an initiate and the pace of a seasoned poet."

--Sue Goyette