Elizabeth Greene

Poet, editor

The Dowager Empress by Adele Wiseman

The Dowager Empress  by Adele Wiseman

The Dowager Empress launches Oct. 3 2019 at Ben McNally’s in Toronto, 6-8 and Oct. 5 in Kingston, Novel Idea, 7-9.

Adele Wiseman’s poems, the major work of the last ten years of her life, largely unpublished before now, are tough, curious, original, authentic and accessible. Like her novels and non-fiction, they are vision-clearing.


Adele Wiseman (1928-82) won the Governor-General’s Award for Fiction in 1956, when she was twenty-eight. She published another novel, short stories, creative non-fiction and essays.
Readers who know her work will find their understanding of her deepened by the poetry; new readers will discover her in her most personal, and possibly most approachable, voice.
Thanks to Adele’s daughter, Tamara Stone, for the book’s beautiful cover.