Elizabeth Greene

Poet, editor

A Season Among Psychics

A Season Among Psychics - a novel by Elizabeth Greene

2018 a season among phychics book coverJudith, at fifty, feels that her life is irremediably stalled, and she is depressed. Although she has a secure job teaching English Literature at a university, she is the single mother of a son on the autistic spectrum who has been lurching through the school system, year by year. Buried under the surface of her life, is her longing to write, and her deep feelings for Brian, a man who taught her in a creative writing program, and with whom she has telepathic connection. When Judtih meets Rosetta Kempffer at a psychic fair, she doesn’t imagine that anything could change a life that seems so hopelessly stuck. Rosetta suggests Judith take a course from her in psychic healing, and although Judith is skeptical, she signs up, not expecting it to make a bit of difference. Yet, during the course, Judith learns not only techniques and awareness of healing, but also the truth of "things not seen with the bodily vision," and the profound connection between teaching and healing.


"A Season Among Psychics by Elizabeth Greene, is a rollicking ride through the mystical realm. Original, wise, and wildly funny. A story to savour."

—Helen Humphreys, author of The Reinvention of Love and The Evening Chorus

"A Season Among Psychics speaks of what cannot be easily spoken, but what is keenly felt in the mind and in the body. Intimate, endearing, and bold in its exploration of the consciousness mind and unconscious body, or love vision, Greene dares to ask the overwhelming question: who and what am I? Mystical and filled with the common magic of everyday, each moment in the book glows like a rare jewel. You’ll want to read this book many times: once for curiosity and story, twice for the courage to continue on our human journey, and a third time for the sheer joy of craft."

—Kath MacLean, author of Kat Among the Tigers and Translating Air


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